BALL 2020-2021 Lecture Series Plans

The BALL Board has approved the decision to postpone the lecture series on Public Spaces which was scheduled for Sept. 10 to Oct. 15 of 2020. It may be delayed until the fall of 2021.

BALL will be presenting a FREE Special Lecture as a Zoom on-line webinar, on Thursday Sept. 10th, 2020.  Dr. Michael Johns will speak on "A Presidential Election Unlike Anything We Have Seen Before". You may remember Dr. Johns from his Oct. 10, 2019 BALL lecture, "Donald Trump and the New Disorder of American Politics".

A Presidential Election Unlike Anything We Have Seen Before.

This presentation will examine what a presidential election during a pandemic may look like. It will discuss the campaign strategies of both parties and examine their strengths and weaknesses. The presentation will also briefly explain the Electoral College and examine which states will be most important to watch on election night. The talk will conclude with a discussion of the down ballot races and who may control the Senate and therefore the Supreme Court.


Although this lecture is free, BALL members will still need to register on-line to receive an e-mail invitation to the webinar. Watch this website and expect a BALL Newsletter for details on registering.

For those who are not familiar with using Zoom on-line, BALL will also be providing a practice Zoom session on Sept 3rd.  Instructions for using Zoom, details on how to join a Zoom webinar and contact information for technical help will also be explained on this website and through the BALL Newsletter.

BALL intends to present the World Religions lecture series, on-line, as a series of weekly Zoom webinars, Oct. 29th to Dec 3rd, 2020.  Subscribers will have to purchase their tickets on-line in order to receive an e-mail invitation. The price will be $45 per household.  As with the Annual General meeting, and our free Special Lecture, we will provide instructions for using the Zoom software and intend to provide technical help for those who encounter problems.

Plans for the remainder of the scheduled lecture series and special lectures are uncertain at this time. Much depends on the Covid 19 restrictions and the members' satisfaction with the on-line trial series.