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Special Lecture - Patterns of Change: The Arctic in the Modern Era
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Profound changes are affecting the Arctic today.  The ecology is facing dramatic change as the climate warms. Social structures have evolved rapidly for the Inuit, from a nomadic culture to one that is now characterized by urban communities, with attendant challenges and problems.  The Arctic has become an important focus for national geopolitical gamesmanship.

What is happening in the Arctic today will have significant ramifications on the national and global scene for years to come.  For many Canadians it is still a land that is largely unknown.  This lecture provides an overview of this remarkable place, its landscapes, its people, its challenges and its promise for the future.

Feb 25 2016
Special Lecture - Ukraine, the West and Russia: Where do We Stand Now?
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Much has happened since April 2014 when Professor Black spoke to BALL members about the crisis in Ukraine.  This address will serve partly as an update and partly as an explication of the international manifestations of the crisis. What are the temporary and permanent consequences of the tragic events in Ukraine -- for Ukraine and for its neighbours?  Have international alignments shifted? Has it impacted the much heralded 'global economy' ? Have sanctions vs. Russia worked? Will anyone benefit? Will everyone lose? So many more questions; so few answers -- so much to think about!

Oct 19 2015
World Religions
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Religion shapes. It shapes global affairs, national politics, your neighbours and perhaps even yourself. Come explore some of the world’s major religions. Religions do not just speak of theology – they teach us about history, about power and about how rituals and bodily practices contour our internal lives. They also illuminate how groups form and identity emerges, and will even shed light on secularism, individualism and the nation-state. Pull up a chair.


Series Coordinators: Joan Corbett-Fujiki & Ellen Lewis


Oct 29 2020 to Dec 3 2020
Intelligent Machines: Are We Ready?
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Robots and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are already having a major impact on our lives. Lecturers in this series will give their professional perspectives on what we can expect today and in the future.


                                                                          Series Cordinators: Joan Irvine,

Carol Mair, Gord Edwards,

Lynne Celhoffer, Bill Celhoffer


Mar 5 2020 to Apr 9 2020
The Mongolian Chronicles – Eagles, Demons & Empires
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This lecture series is based on Allen Smutylo’s recent travels to Mongolia. The talks will include excerpts from his forthcoming book – tentatively titled, Eagles, Demons and Empires: The Mongolian Chronicles – other written accounts, historical research, avian biology, original artwork, a full-length film, photographs (personal and historic), and creative musings.

Series Coordinators: Joan Irvine and Gord Edwards


Jan 16 2020 to Feb 20 2020
Building Resilience in Our Changing World
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Our earth has entered a period where human activities are destabilizing planetary systems, including climate. The effects of this change are global, long-term and uncertain. Universities, research institutes, governments and communities are exploring how best to build resilience and adaptation to cope with the coming changes. What are some key findings?

                                                              Series Coordinators: Gord Edwards and Judy Mapleson


Oct 31 2019 to Dec 5 2019
Imagining Now: English Canadian Fiction in the 21st Century
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In the last third of the 20th century, Canadian writing burst into full flower: Margaret Laurence, Alice Munro, Michael Ondaatje and so many more.  This course will look at Canadian fiction since 2000.  What’s old? What’s new? Who’s writing now?

Feb 22 2018 to Mar 29 2018
Through the Lens of Local Photographers
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Everyone sees the world differently. Five local photographers will explore their interests in the areas of art, nature, portraiture, agriculture and travel. Members of the Owen Sound Camera Club will present the final lecture. This series will introduce you to the passion of photography and will provide some valuable tips on taking excellent photographs.

Photo Credit: Willy Waterton

Jan 4 2018 to Feb 7 2018
Sustainability and Tourism Along Our Shores
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Sustainability and tourism are becoming topics of concern in our area. This series, presented by a variety of knowledgeable speakers, focusses on the good, the bad, and the ugly along the shores of Lake Huron and Georgian Bay.  

Photo Credit: Ed Nanni

Oct 26 2017 to Dec 7 2017
Reflections in the Hall Of Mirrors: American Movies and the Politics Of Idealism
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American movies have come to echo the secret aspirations and dashed expectations of the country’s deeply divisive elements. This series examines how key American movies from the last sixty years reflect the political and cultural ideals of their time. The series starts by considering movies made in the early sixties when John Kennedy, newly elected President, announced a New Frontier. The series concludes with a look at movies made after Barack Obama was elected in 2008, amidst a new wave of idealism.

To view the list of film clips presented during these lectures, visit Reflections in the Hall of Mirrors Filmography.

Sep 14 2017 to Oct 19 2017