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Peace: Its Meaning and Achievement
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Project Ploughshares is an unwavering beacon for peace in the world.  Several of the outstanding “voices” associated with this organization, share their expertise regarding the complex and ever-changing realities that are part of the challenges that constantly confront the pursuit of peace in the world. 

Sep 8 2016 to Oct 13 2016
Our Beautiful Baffling Brains
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The human brain is the source of our thoughts, perceptions, actions, and memories. It confers on us the abilities that make us human, while simultaneously making each of us unique. In this golden age of brain science neuroscientists are making significant leaps in understanding the brain. Advances in neuroscience over the last decade allow us to envision a comprehensive understanding of the brain in action, spanning molecules, cells, circuits, systems, behaviour, and even thought.

Note: No Lecture April 7, 2016

Mar 3 2016 to Apr 14 2016
Let There Be Light
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In celebration of the International Year of Light (2015), this series celebrates the science and scientists who over the centuries have unlocked the secrets of light. 

A key messenger informing our understanding of both the universe and subatomic world, light is also the basis of our most important sense - vision. Little wonder, then, that our world is a rich visual environment and that so many current technologies are optically based.  John guides us through the history and nature of this remarkable phenomenon using demonstrations, and explores the many ways light affects our lives.

*Note: All lectures incorporate demonstrations to illustrate the principles presented.  Lasers are a part of these demonstrations.

Jan 7 2016 to Feb 11 2016
The Wonders of Italian Renaissance Art in Florence, Venice & Rome, 1350-1550
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This series represents the glorious art of the Renaissance in Italy and the three Italian cities that supported the rebirth.  Art reflects the society in which it is produced, and this is certainly true of the Italian Renaissance.  Follow the path of new ideas and ways of seeing from Florence to Rome and finally to Venice, each of which in turn was the centre of artistic activity.  The series examines the role of each city and the philosophy that "man is the measure of all things".

Oct 29 2015 to Dec 3 2015
War: Its Meaning and Consequences
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Is war necessary and inevitable?  This six lecture series explores the whats, whys and hows of war, especially its many consequences and considers alternatives.

Sep 10 2015 to Oct 15 2015
Tomorrow's World - 2015
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“The trouble with our times is that the future is not what it used to be.” Paul Valery (1871-1945)

This series confronts the thought that progress, predicated on ever expanding growth, cannot be sustained. The lectures will provide examples of how, in the past, we viewed the world and its future and how we need to re-evaluate our assumptions and change direction.

Feb 26 2015 to Apr 2 2015