Frank Saunders

Vice President, Nuclear Oversight and Regulatory Affairs

Frank began his career in the nuclear industry with Ontario Hydro, where he held a variety of management positions. This included experience in a number of disciplines including engineering, operations, quality assurance, safety and inspection. He completed his time with Ontario Hydro Nuclear with four years of organizing and performing nuclear plant safety evaluations on behalf of Ontario Hydro and the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations (INPO). In this role, he performed inspections of North American and international plants.

After 13 years with Ontario Hydro Nuclear, Frank moved to McMaster University as Manager, McMaster Nuclear Reactor. Subsequently, he took up the position of Director of Nuclear Operations and Facilities where, as senior nuclear operating authority, he oversaw operations at McMaster's Nuclear Reactor, Accelerator Facility, Nuclear Research Building Laboratories and support facilities.  

In 2001, Frank returned to the Bruce site with the launch of Bruce Power as Vice President Safety and Environment. Since 2001, he has held senior positions in a variety of areas including safety, environment, security, regulatory relations and oversight.  Frank is particularly proud of Bruce Power’s strong reputation in these areas and the opportunity he had to play a role in this.

Prior to his more than 25 years in the nuclear industry, Frank served 12 years in the Canadian Armed Forces as a Land Ordnance Engineer. Currently, Frank holds the position of Vice President of Nuclear Oversight and Regulatory Affairs with Bruce Power