A Second Chance to Attend Some BALL Lectures.

BALL will be offering ticket purchasers a second chance to catch some of our lectures. These one-time re-replays will be presented via Zoom using the same link that was used for the original lecture and will run on the Tuesday evening after the original lecture, from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm. Not all lectures will be recorded and replayed. BALL needs permission from the lecturer to record and re-play each presentation. Some of our speakers earn income from their speaking engagements and do not wish to have their lectures recorded. Others may be presenting material that they intend to publish.

These re-plays will make the lectures available to people who are unable to attend our Thursday lectures because of other commitments, and will provide a second chance to catch the lecture for those who experienced interruptions or technical problems while attending the original presentation. Unfortunately the Question & Answer portion of the re-play will only be the recorded Q & A session from the Thursday live presentation. The lecturer will not be available to answer new questions.

Access to the re-play will be via Zoom, using the same link that was used for the Thursday morning session and its price is included in your original purchase. A revised Zoom invitation will be e-mailed to you before the lecture series starts and will indicate which lectures are available for re-play and their date and time.