Special Lecture - Patterns of Change: The Arctic in the Modern Era

Profound changes are affecting the Arctic today.  The ecology is facing dramatic change as the climate warms. Social structures have evolved rapidly for the Inuit, from a nomadic culture to one that is now characterized by urban communities, with attendant challenges and problems.  The Arctic has become an important focus for national geopolitical gamesmanship.

What is happening in the Arctic today will have significant ramifications on the national and global scene for years to come.  For many Canadians it is still a land that is largely unknown.  This lecture provides an overview of this remarkable place, its landscapes, its people, its challenges and its promise for the future.

Thursday, February 25, 2016
The Harry Lumley Bayshore Community Centre.
15.00 CAD
About the lecturer 

Peter Middleton

Since his first trip to the Canadian Arctic in 1968, Peter has had the privilege of returning many times leading backpacking expeditions, ecotours and ship cruises: travels have taken him from Rankin Inlet to Greenland, Auyittuq N.P. on Baffin Island to Qittinirpaq N.P. at the northern tip of Ellesmere Island.

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