Special Lecture - Ukraine, the West and Russia: Where do We Stand Now?

Much has happened since April 2014 when Professor Black spoke to BALL members about the crisis in Ukraine.  This address will serve partly as an update and partly as an explication of the international manifestations of the crisis. What are the temporary and permanent consequences of the tragic events in Ukraine -- for Ukraine and for its neighbours?  Have international alignments shifted? Has it impacted the much heralded 'global economy' ? Have sanctions vs. Russia worked? Will anyone benefit? Will everyone lose? So many more questions; so few answers -- so much to think about!

Monday, October 19, 2015
The Harry Lumley Bayshore Community Centre.
15.00 CAD
About the lecturer 

Dr. Larry Black

Dr. Larry Black is Professor Emeritus and Distinguished Research Scholar at Carleton University, and Founding Director of the Centre for Research on Canadian-Russian Relations, at the University Partnership Centre, Georgian College. He has degrees from Mount Allison University, Boston University, and McGill University; has written and edited 35 books on Soviet and Russian foreign policy and domestic affairs.  He has briefed NGOs, the Department of Foreign Affairs, Export Development Canada, the Immigration and Refugee Board, and CSIS; and has served as Research Fellow with NATO.

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