Tom Rand

Tom holds a BSc in electrical engineering from the University of Waterloo, a MSc in philosophy of science from the University of London / London School of Economics and an MA and PHD from the University of Toronto.   Tom is the author of Kick the Fossil Fuel Habit.

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Tom Rand started his career as a software renegade in high school and went legit in 1991 when he founded Voice Courier Inc to service the emerging interactive voice response market.

Tom now focuses efforts on carbon mitigation and is active in Cleantech venture capital and sits on the board of a number of clean energy companies and organizations.

Tom speaks publicly about the clean energy because it is his belief that we have yet to have a serious, public conversation about the threat of climate change and the economic opportunities afforded by the global transformation to a low=carbon economy.

After a number of years as a successful software entrepreneur Tom now focuses his efforts on carbon mitigation. He's active in Cleantech venture capital, technology incubation & commercialization, and public advocacy. Tom is a regular contributor to Canada’s leading op-ed pages and is a regular contributor on CBC’s On the Money.

Tom Rand says:  “clean energy is like the silicon chip in 1960 or the internet in 1990-just much, much bigger”.